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Anti-aging studies prove how OPC affects the skin and body

Studies show the effect of OPC on health - Hof StövesandtIf you want to grow old, you have to live longer. However, we Germans fare much worse than our European neighbours. At the age of 81, you live less in this country on average for more than two years than in Switzerland. Compared to other European countries, we show in a Study on average life expectancy only 18th place. It seems that we still have some catching up to do in terms of our health.

Fitness or a calorie reduction are well-known anti-aging tips. But as early as the early 18th century, the Irish physician Samuel Black discovered that the French population lived much longer despite wine consumption. The chemist Jacques Masquelier identified oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPC, as the elixir of life.

We have looked at the latest Studies closely looked at and explained that how Opc affects your body and keeps you young.

What happens as people get older?

From birth, our bodies are attacked by environmental influences. UV radiation, pesticides and heavy metals are just a few of them. They enter our bodies through food and cosmetics and damage our cells.

The toxins pierce the membranes that protect our cells. They can also alter our genetic material, DNA, by mutations. With age, these damages increase and can be repaired less easily. Our hair turns grey because we run out of melanocytes that give it its color. It gets thin because we lack hair roots.

The structural protein collagen, which is an important component of connective tissue, begins to deform and gives us a wrinkled skin. Vessels slowly calcify and reduce the blood flow of our body tissues. And one thing is certain: the more we expose ourselves to harmful environmental influences, the faster we age.

What can you do about getting older?

In our teens, we couldn't wait to finally come of age. But from a certain point on, the clock is running faster and faster. We cannot stop them. On the other hand, we can actively influence and slow down the process of aging.

The trend of anti-aging, which is very much lived in the USA, is increasingly spilling over into Germany. We are curious to see what innovations and opportunities science will provide us in this field in the future. Still, you don't have to wait long to do something for yourself. You can start now.

"The best anti-aging tip is to keep you away from bad environmental influences or protect yourself well from them"

It may sound simple, but The best Anti-aging Tip is to keep yourself away from bad environmental influences or protect yourself well from them. This means for you that you ...

  • to a healthy Diet should be respected. All what you take to you inevitably wanders over the blood through your whole bodyHarmful substances that your body cannot cope with are excreted, or stored, for example, in the form of fat deposits. There they are waiting for you to finally take a break from fatty and vitamin-poor food so that it can be broken down again. For a proper Anti-aging Program is the balance of the food you take to yourself crucial.
  • must protect you properly. Everyone wants to look fresh and cheerful, as if they are just coming out of vacation. Nevertheless, protection from the sun is the be-all and end-all for a young, wrinkle-free skin. It has self-protection through its top layer, the cornea. However, depending on the skin type, this can only protect us from sunburn for 5 to 30 minutes.

What many holiday and beach lovers don't know: The sun protection factor multiplied by the self-protection of the skin gives us the minutes we can stay in the sun. It doesn't mean we're getting less brown.

  • your body with sufficient antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E or OPC to intercept free radicals that attack your cells.

How does OPC protect us against premature ageing?

We at Hof Stövesandt are convinced of our aronia berry. It provides us with a lot of OPC that keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In our blog post: Health from the bag: How does Organic OPC affect your health? learn how the power of aronia berry strengthens your body. As a natural product, it not only supplies us with vital substances, but also brings with it all sorts of vitamins. OPC in combination with vitamins equips our body perfectly for the fight against aging symptoms.

If you want to know how we make our Organic OPC Aronia Powder naturally, then check out our blog post A day at the plantation: How we make organic OPC powder from the aronia berry at the farm Stövesandt To.

"OPC in combination with vitamins equips our body perfectly in the fight against ageing symptoms."

How OPC protects against ageing - Hof Stövesandt

OPC keeps our cells young

Can Opc the liver and kidneys Detoxify?

The heavy metal cadmium is a major problem for our health, because it is particularly easy to get into the body via our food. It damages the kidneys and blocks the incorporation of calcium into the bones. Studies have shown that Opc The Reduce inflammation-promoting effects of cadmium Can.

Chinese scientists have also been able to use experiments to provide grape seed extracts that reduce the adverse effect of deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA), a hormone that causes high blood pressure. They suspect that OPC's hypotensive and antioxidant properties counteract kidney damage.

How does it last? Opc Our Skin young and taut?

Free radicals are produced by UV radiation. They attack the fiber proteins collagen and elastin that keep our skin young. If these proteins are damaged, the skin loses stability and elasticity. In addition, it can store less moisture and nutrients.

OPC binds free radicals and neutralizes them. The skin cells are no longer in constant defense against environmental influences and they have time to regenerate. The vital substance supports the fiber proteins of the blood vessels and keeps them elasticOur tissue sits better and provides important nutrients.

Another important effect of grape seed extracts is the promotion of wound healing processes. OPC accelerates the production of collagen, which is important for the repair of the skin.

How does it last? Opc The Intestines Young?

Hardly anyone thinks of the intestine when anti-aging. But today we know that skin aging is closely linked to the digestive organ. Intestinal bacteria produce hyaluronic acid, ceramides and antioxidants that we need for a beautiful skin. If the physical utilization of food is disturbed, then we age faster. Taking Grape seed extracts promotes the health of the intestine and provides its natural Flora back again. Opc even relieves many symptoms of patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Opc and age-related diseases - an alternative to Medicines?

The vital substance Opc has an impressive, regenerative effect on our body. Therefore, its use as an alternative to conventional Medications increasingly into the focus of science.

OPC offers an alternative to conventional medicines - Hof StövesandtOPC is being investigated as an alternative to drugs

How does it affect? Opc on the Blood pressure and the heart out?

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death in Germany. Diseases such as heart attacks, strokes or thrombosis often have their origin in too high blood pressure.

Researchers have been able to demonstrate that OPC Reduce harmful effects of shocks on the heart, such as after a car accident Could. In addition, the intake of grape seed extracts positive for blood pressure From.

Acts Opc Against Cancer?

OPC has been it is interesting for scientists because of its anticarcinogenic effects, i.e. by the power to prevent cancer cells. Researchers have been able to demonstrate that Opc The tumor-forming effect of azoxymethane, a carcinogenic liquid, significantly reduced Was. Cell experiments confirmed that grape seed extracts the cell death of Lung cancer cells Induced.

UV rays can damage our skin or even cause skin cancer. Opc According to scientists, even the Formation of Skin cancer Reduce by activating repair mechanisms in damaged cells.

The survival rate after diagnosed tumor diseases decreases as soon as metastases form. A new research approach from the US has now shown that the formation of lung tumors in mice with breast cancer has decreased significantly.

OPC - the new anti-aging miracle

The phytochemicals OPC are becoming more and more the focus of science due to its antioxidant mode. Not only does it reduce inflammatory reactions in our bodies, but it stands like a shield in front of our exhausted cells and neutralizes free radicals.

This our cells have the time to regenerate and Young to stay. By a delicious smoothie or aronia berry jam you can nourish your body with the vital substance. Anti-aging has never been so delicious.