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Health from the bag: How does Organic OPC affect your health?

How to boost your health with OPC from grape seed extracts - Hof Stövesandt

Everyone wants a long and healthy life. It is best not to get diseases and infirmities in the first place. But heart disease in Germany is still at 40% the most common cause of death.

In 1819, the Irish physician Samuel Black observed that the French lived longer despite their wine consumption and had a lower risk of heart attacks.  The reason for this is supposed to be the high consumption of red wine, which contains a lot of OPC.

However, the active substance OPC was not described much later by the French chemist Jacques Masquelier in 1948. He found that the OPC is good for Treatment of vein diseases Appropriate. With his discovery, he has laid the foundation for the increasingly intensive research at OPC.

However, the cultivation of seedless grapes and the industrial processing ensure that the vital substance is increasingly missing from our diet. As an alternative, dietary supplements made from isolated OPC are offered.

Frequent objections, however, are the lack of naturalness, because in order to produce pure OPC, different extraction steps are required. In addition, the vital substance must be preserved and is therefore often peppered with chemical additives.

In the modern world, however, we do not have to give up natural products if we want to eat healthily. We will show you a Alternative to the classic OPC isolates and investigate, what effect OPC actually has on us humans.

OPC - What is it?

OPC is the crisp abbreviation for "Oligomere Proanthocyanidins". They belong to the group of flavonoids - a secondary plant substance.

OPC is particularly enriched in grape seeds. Industirell, OPC is produced from grape seed extracts using various extraction and filtration steps.

But also peanuts, blueberries and cranberries contain a lot of Opc. However, one plant stands out in particular: the aronia berry. It contains a many of the vital substances as their competitors and is rich in vital minerals and Vitamins.

Opc Be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and blood-thinning Effects Said. Grape seed extracts and especially the Effect of aronia berry are the focus of research and medicine due to their high OPC content.

Works OPC protecting against environmental influences?

Every day we are exposed to environmental toxins, which our bodies have to fend off. This includes the so-called free radicals, which attack our cells and ensure that they age faster.

But anyone who now thinks that he only needs to protect himself externally is wrong in his assumption. Free radicals also form as a by-product in our metabolism. Normally, the body can keep them at bay, but it needs so-called antioxidants.

These intercept the free radicals and render them harmless. Antioxidants such as Vitamins are absorbed through food. However, they are increasingly disappearing from our daily food due to industrial processing, so that the body lacks these important substances.

Opc has an impressive antioxidant Effect. The active substance not only neutralizes free radicals, it also acts as a "Cell Guards" and protects our cells from future attacks.

Acts OPC Signs of ageing of the Skin counter?

While we can still overplay our inner pains well, we have little chance of hiding them with bad skin. After all, staying at home is not a valid solution.

Premature skin aging is directly related to environmental effects, as mentioned in the previous section. The free radicals attack our skin cells and reduce the elasticity of the skin. Particularly deep wrinkles occur when these particles damage fiber proteins such as collagen and elastin.

The fiber proteins give our skin elasticity and stability. If the collagen content of the skin decreases, it can store less water. As a result, the skin dries out and becomes wrinkled.

OPC is THE anti-aging miracle for the skin - Hof Stövesandt

OPC protects against premature skin aging

But also the blood vessels are attacked by the free radicals and form back. However, the blood vessels are important to provide the skin with moisture and nutrients.

To stop the breakdown of blood vessels, our skin needs antioxidants. With the help of OPC can protect your skin cells, fiber proteins and blood vessels from adverse reactions and slow down early aging.

Acts OPC supporting the Hair?

Beautiful, full hair is the flagship for men and women. But the reality is usually different. Healthyproblems often lead to straw-thin hair, much to the chagrin of those affected.

The lean Hair splendour additionally causes emotional stress, which catapults you directly into a vicious circle. Taking Bio OPC from the aronia berry can help to Haircycle and break out of the downward spiral.

Consumption of OPC should be according to a StudyThe Increase the number of hairs in the growth phase (anagen phase). In addition, the vital substance increases the number of Hair follicles.

The balance: OPC has an extremely positive effect on the hair optics, the hair grows much denser and faster.

Vstrengthens OPC's Effect Of Vitamins?

Opc has a significantly higher antioxidant effect As Vitamin C and E alone. In addition, a 1998 study found that taking Grape seed extractsThe antioxidant effect in the blood increased by 10%.

In combination, the Opc as a natural amplifier of Vitamin A, C and E. Due to this fact, OPC supplements are often enriched with vitamin C.

OPC boosted the effect of vitamin C - Hof Stövesandt

OPC enhances the effect of vitamins

At our farm Stövesandt we deliberately refrained from insulating OPC from the aronia berry. The natural ingredients of the aronia berry stabilize the vital substance and we need to Organic OPC Aronia do not use chemical additives and stabilizers.

However, it is much more important that due to our mild drying process, the Vitamins and phytochemicals are preserved. In combination with the high content of OPC in the Aronia berry you will receive an additional VitaminBoost.

Lowers OPC The Blood pressure?

Due to its antioxidant Effect OPC protects our blood vessels from free radicals and keeps them elastic. The Healthyhelps to reduce deposits and hardening in the inner walls of the blood vessels.

Long-term intake of grape seed extracts in combination with chromium and zinc is even said to be Lower blood pressure. In addition, it is suspected that OPC has a blood-thinning Effect Has.

A Healthy Supply to Opc therefore promotes blood health and better blood circulation to the tissues.

Dosage: How much OPC do I need per day?

You get OPC in many different dosage forms: for example, as a capsule or in powder form. There is no exact daily recommendation. The information for the correct dosage varies considerably. We at Hof Stövesandt recommend a daily Dose of about 380 mg Opc.

How much OPC do I need per day - Hof Stövesandt

The right OPC dose for daily use

The Bio OPC by Hof Stövesandt is a pure natural product. Using the HPLC method, we have precisely determined the OPC content of our product. Our Bio OPC Aronia contains over 19% pure OPC.

Therefore, with only 2 g of our Bio OPC Aronia your daily demand for OPC Cover. This is about the amount of one teaspoon. 


Vitality from the aronia berry

If your body lacks something, it often expresses it in fatigue and loss of vitality. However, if you do not parry and do not give your body the necessary fuel, then it can become ill in the long term.

Especially if you are frequently exposed to stress and environmental toxins, then OPC can specifically support you in detoxification. But also the valuable Opc in the aronia berry can not perform miracles if you do not have a holistic Healthyen Lifestyle achtest. A mixture of sport, balanced nutrition and mental relaxation exercises forms the basis for a healthy and happy existence - hand in hand with nature.