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How a balanced diet with OPC helps you achieve a better work-life balance

 With OPC to a better work life balance - Hof Stövesandt24/7 we are usually not enough to live a balanced life, family and leisure time. Our daily stress makes us feel uncomfortable, tired or gain weight.

Perhaps the term work-life balance has caught your eye many times. More and more workaholics are discovering this balanced way of life for themselves. Still according to statistics, we Germans are only 8th countries with a balanced mix of work, family and leisure time.

For a good balance, not only good time management is necessary, but also the right diet. In this article, we explain how you can use the impact of OPC to achieve a better work-life balance. You can also find out more about how OPC affects the human body in our article: Health from the bag: How does Organic OPC affect your health?

What is meant by Work-life balance?

Everyone is talking about her, Work-life balance. It describes a healthy balance between private and professional life. Actually a simple Definition but many of us are still failing to implement this balanced lifestyle.

Certainly, health problems do not arise immediately when we have a stressful phase. In the long run, however, stress is stressful for our bodies – and not only that, but often also the private life suffers.

A short Biology Excursion: What Happens To Stress in the Body?

Stress reactions in our body are triggered by hormones. But stress is not the same as stress. If we are frightened in the short term because the door slams behind us, then our bodies pour out adrenaline. However, if we are under power in the long term, the stress hormone cortisol ensures that our body adapts to the situation.

"Stress is not the same as stress."

The hormone has a very large influence on our metabolism. Enormous Permanent Stress ensures a harmful changes in our metabolism, for example, obesity, delayed wound healing and sleep disorders.

Long-term stress leads to health damage - Hof Stövesandt
Stress damages the body in the long term.

Cortisol is formed in the adrenal glands. However, if they have to constantly produce the stress hormone, this often leads to low blood pressure, signs of exhaustion or increased fatigue.

The stress also causes an increase in free radicals accumulate in our body and trigger inflammatory reactions. They attack our cells and make us age faster.

How does OPC work?

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPC for short, are among the phytonutrients. You are among the antioxidants that are present in particularly high concentrations in the Aronia berry Occurrence. The task of antioxidants is to intercept the free radicals and make them harmless. This keeps our connective tissue stable and our Skin loses more slowly in tension.

Some people may already know that Opc the effect of certain Vitamins, such as A, C and E. In addition, the vital substance The Hairgrowth and the number of Haarfollikel.

How does OPC improve a balanced diet?

OPC have an extraordinarily strong effect, but unfortunately they cannot conjure. If we limit our diet to fast food and short-chain carbohydrates, the effect of the OPC on our balance will be minimal at best. In addition, so-called Grape seed extracts offered in which Opc concentrated. Here, OPC is filtered through many chemical processes, so that other vital substances disappear.

The power substance works best with vitamins and trace elements and thus supports our bodily functions. The advantage of natural products such as dried aronia berries is that you get a complete package of vitamins, trace elements and OPC.

As we from the farm Stövesandt Pick aronia berries by hand and gently dry you will find out in our article: A day on the plantation. Our mild processing ensures that we our organic OPC Aronia in pure quality can offer. This not only improves absorption into the body, but also helps OPC to develop its full power.

How does the aronia berry support a better Work-life balance?

The aronia berry feeds our body with many important vitamins and nutrients that together with OPC support our body. The right nutrients are important to keep our metabolism on track and to provide our brain with sufficient supplies.

"The aronia berry provides our body with many important vitamins and nutrients that together with OPC support our body."

Due to the vitalizing properties of aroniaberry, we have more power. We stay focused, can do our work more efficiently and therefore have more time for the beautiful things in life.

3 Tips for a better Work-life balance with OPC

On the way to a better Work-life balance goes try over study. That's why we'll tell you with the following tips,as you can do concretely for your balance.

Tips for a better work life balance with OPC - Hof StövesandtOPC gives you new energy for everyday life.

Tip 1: Start the day with meditation and a nutritious breakfast

Start the morning relaxed and take five minutes for yourself. Imagine your daily routine exactly – including all hurdles and appointments. Imagine how you master your tasks with flying colors.

Prepare your body for a busy day with a balanced breakfast that will provide you with valuable vitamins and antioxidants. Breakfast muffles should also be used to charge their batteries, for example, with a delicious green smoothie or a schorle with Aronia berries juice Populate. You can find out what possibilities there are for processing aronia berries and OPC powderin our article: 3 delicious ways to process and use the aronia berry.

Tip 2: Start a nutrition diary

A nutrition diary can evoke the bland taste of annoying calorie counting. But what we think of the Stövesandt farm is anything but blunt weighing and writing down. We want you to learn more about your body's needs.

In the diary you can enjoy your meals with information about

  • Craving attacks
  • Fullness
  • Symptoms of fatigue
  • Etc.

Combine. This will help you learn which foods make you really fire and which ones you should leave your fingers on.

Tip 3: Combine food smarter

High meat consumption, a rich diet and a lot of coffee ensure that inflammation can develop faster in our body. To prevent our body from being permanently in repair mode, anti-inflammatory foods should be combined smarter.

With a healthy diet to a better work life balance - Hof StövesandtCombine your favorite foods with plenty of antioxidants.

If you love a fresh steak or the recipe of Grandma's roll roast, make sure you have a sufficient amount of anti-inflammatory vegetables as a side dish. You can't do without your muesli in the morning, then you can 1 to 2 g from our Bio OPC Aronia below. This way you care for sufficient nutrients and antioxidants that quickly eliminate inflammatory reactions.

Eat smarter and don't work harder

The impact of our food selection is usually greater than we can imagine. Many of our problems stem from malnutrition, which then ends in a vicious circle:

We are not efficient in our daily work and therefore need to invest more time in the workplace. At the same time, our private lives suffer and we compensate for our frustration with unhealthy foods.

Time to break out of the downward spiral and do something good for our body. You'll see how quickly you get fit through a better diet and get your Work-life balance Improved. Don't wait for tomorrow - Change now!